Why The Fash Life?
Fash Life Bytes

You might wonder, why a show about Influencers? What's so interesting about people who take selfies all day? Is this like a reality show, where you show all the cattiness that happens behind the scenes? 

First let's dispel some misconceptions. Yes Influencers take really good selfies, but they are also a group of smart and savvy entrepreneurs who have been upending traditional advertising models and disrupting the hierarchy of the fashion industry. Furthermore, most of them are women. 

So no, The Fash Life is not a reality show about Influencers drunk slapping each other over a sale at Fred Segal. But that's not to say we don't poke fun of the Influencer culture... we just do it with love. And while everyone has a smart phone, not everyone can become an Influencer. Our Fash Life Bytes is a look behind the scenes at the many challenges and occupational hazards (trolls and stalkers) that come along with the territory. So next time you see a girl working her selfie game, think before you judge. She might just be doing her job. 

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