Why The Fash Life?

Come For The Fashion, Stay For The Funny

THE FASH LIFE is a show for people who unabashedly love fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, kids, pets and all things fashionable. We wanted to create a fun, cute and positive space to for people to indulge in their favorite things, learn about new trends and more importantly LOL at the ridiculousness of our daily lives on social media. 

The show was co-created by Lisa Valerie Morgan, a Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger who growing up, was ridiculed for her love for fashion. But the blogging world has shown her that not only is there a community of people who love clothes as much as she does, but that fashion is far from frivolous. It has the power to change lives, inspire people and build community. That is why we created this show. 

Not to say that we can't laugh at ourselves. The show stars real life bloggers/social media influencers, as well as actors playing over-the-top characters ... because satire is not dead. Come for the fashion, stay for the funny. 

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